Want Pinterest Braids? Our Advice.

Complicated braiding techniques have been super popular on Pinterest for awhile now. While some tutorials are great, a lot of them leave some information to be desired. For example, how does one with baby-fine hair rock braids without looking like a toddler? How does one with super-thick hair keep it all from falling into a sad, heavy mess? We’re breaking down some of the most popular braiding pins on Pinterest!

Here’s our tips for all hair types:

  • Dirty Hair is Best. Ultra-clean hair will be incredibly difficult to braid since it tends to be more slick and unwieldy.
  • Work in Sections. Depending on the intricacy of the style, you may need to clip or tie sections of hair out of your way.
  • Practice makes Perfect. Braiding is a skill best mastered with lots and lots of practice. Getting frustrated by initially horrible results is part of the process!

Some Product Recommendations:

Moroccan Oil Beach Wave Mousse


If you like to wash your hair every day, this mousse is a must to give your hair some lived-in texture before braiding.

Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray


This texture spray is perfect to give hair a little extra “grip” while you’re braiding. This grip is important to keeping your braids in place.







Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray


This hairspray is perfect for setting braided styles. Not only does it have great hold while being totally invisible, but it can easily be brushed out if you decide to rework your style.








 Single French Braid

Difficulty Level: 3/10


French braiding is a relatively simple technique with a little practice. A single braid down the center of the head is the perfect “training wheels” style to master before attempting more complicated styles. It is pretty versatile too; you can leave the braided tail long, or you can wrap it into a low bun for a different look. Once you get this technique down, you can easily do an inverse french braid too!

inverse french braid

This is a diagram for basic french braiding; for an inverted french braid, braid new sections under existing sections (rather than over)


For Fine Hair: Adding a dry shampoo or texturizing product is a must. If you like to shampoo every day, adding Moroccan Oil Beach Wave Mousse before you blow dry will give your hair great volume and texture for braiding. If you are braiding on unwashed hair, adding Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray will give your hair extra grip and texture.

For Coarse Hair: Adding a product with control is a good idea. Moroccan Oil Texture Clay is a great option to work lightly through your mid-shaft and ends before braiding. This will keep the weight of your hair from pulling your braids loose. You will need to take smaller sections than your fine-haired friends as well to manage the weight of your hair.

Finish both fine and coarse hair with a strong hairspray. We like Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray in Strong because it gives great hold without looking like you have any hairspray on your hair. It also brushes out cleanly, so if you want to rework your style later you can!


Crown Braids

Difficulty Level: 3/10

crown braid

The easiest way to do this look is to create two basic braids on either side of the nape of the neck, then wrap them across each other and around the top of the head. Bobby pin each end in place, hiding the ends beneath the other braid. For a more secure style, you can start with two french braids on either side of the head instead of two basic braids.

For Fine Hair: Texture products are a must, so don’t be tempted to skip them! We recommend the same products for this style as the ones recommended above for french braiding. To create the illusion of larger, fuller braids, pull the sections of hair out and away from your finished braid. It may feel like you’re destroying your braid, but don’t be scared.

For Coarse Hair: Depending on how thick your hair is, you may not need to pull at your braids to get additional fullness. You will likely need to use some extra pins around your head to give the style structure and security.

Finish with a good hairspray like Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray.


Fishtail Braid

Difficulty Level: 4/10

The fishtail braid is arguably an easier technique that french braiding, but it is more time consuming to create. It is essentially a two-strand braid, with hair divided into two equal sections to start and small pieces from each of those sections crossed over one another. This style looks great of fine or thick hair with the use of proper products.

fishtail braid

For Fine Hair: Use texturizing products (noticing a theme yet?). If you want and extra beachy boho look, use a sea salt spray in addition to Beach Wave Mousse and Dry Texture Spray. Just like with the Crown Braids, you will likely want to pull your finished fishtail apart to create the illusion of a fuller braid.

For Coarse Hair: Experiment with the size sections you take for this style. If you have super thick hair, you will probably want to take larger sections, unless you want to spend forever braiding your hair!

Finish with Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray.


Multi-Braid Styles

Difficulty Level 11/10

complex braid

These styles are absolutely stunning, as evidenced by the Aurora Braids style above! But they will take a seriously experienced braid-er to pull off. Practice is the main component, but working in sections is key. As you experiment with combining basic braids, french braids, and fishtail braids, its important to be patient and expect to make mistakes!


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