Trendy Color approved by not-so-trendy Employers

We’ve all been there: you’re in the mood to do something exciting with your hair color, but your employer isn’t having it. It might seem like you’re doomed to a perpetual hair rut, but we’ve pulled together a list of job-friendly trends to keep you and your employer happy! It goes without saying, but when in doubt, ask your employer before you try any of these trends. It’s never fun to get the color of your dreams only to get sent home from work the next day!

Rose Gold

This trend is fast becoming one of the most popular of 2017. It offers the versatility of blonde with a little extra panache. It is easily achieved on hair that is already blonde.

This look was done by the always amazing Guy Tang. He is the king of #hairgoals

Rosy Roots

Did we mention how popular rose is these days? This technique is great for those who are intimidated by going all the way rose, but want to dabble in the trend. It is the perfect compliment to blonde hair. You can also include this rosy color on your ends instead of roots if that’s your cup of tea.

By Janelle at @thehairstandard

The great thing about rose is its versatility. It can be a strong pop color or a very subtle complement. Discuss your desired outcome with your hairdresser!

Red Balayage

Think Balayage is just for blonding? Think again. This trend is great for those beautiful brunettes who want a little something special.

This option is a beautiful low-maintenance way to switch up your brunette!

Blonde Pop

A single well-placed streak of blonde can brighten up any hair color. This look can be stark or subtle depending on the placement and overall color of your hair.

strawberry w/ blonde More:

We love this blonde streak against strawberry blonde. This is a much more subtle way to pull off an otherwise-bold trend.

Icy Blonde

Sometimes getting out of a hair rut is as simple as brightening or deepening your current color. The Icy Blonde trend takes natural blonde tones one step further, creating a look that is trendy yet timeless.

Icy Blonde Balayage | Transformation by @saramay_24 with Olaplex to keep the hair healthy. ❄️ #Olaplex #balayage #hairgoals:

As with any blonding technique, this one may take a few steps to get as light as you’d like! Ask your stylist about products that will keep your hair healthy during the process, and invest in a good blue shampoo to combat brassiness.