Hair Extension FAQ’s

What brand of hair extensions do you use?

We use Hotheads brand tape-in extensions.


What are they made of?

Hotheads brand extensions are made of 100% remy Human Hair. High quality human remy hair with the cuticle intact allows the extensions to be reapplied up to 3 times, while still looking and feeling natural and healthy. Some clients find that they can get away with reapplying the same set more than 3 times, but it’s best to plan on replacing them after 3 Move Up appointments.

Hotheads Fantasy collection (fashion colors) are created with heat-safe synthetic fibers to prevent colors from fading or bleeding. You can style them just as you would natural hair.

How long do they last?

With proper care, you can expect your extensions to last 8-10 weeks before needing to be moved up. The extensions will gradually move farther away from the scalp as your natural hair grows, and most people find that after 8-10 weeks the extensions need to be Moved Up. Move-Up appointments last about an hour.

Each set of extensions can be expected to last through about 3 “Move Up” appointments. After this most clients will need to order a new set of extensions to maintain the look of natural and healthy hair.

Can I work out with extensions?

Yes. We do recommend waiting at least 48 hours after application before you get your extensions wet (either with sweat or water). This will allow the adhesive time to properly set. If you live a very active lifestyle or have very oily hair please discuss this with your extension specialist- we have options available to help you maintain your extensions.

Can I swim with extensions?

It is best to keep you extensions out of chemically treated water. These chemicals can weaken the adhesive bond and dry out the extensions, making them difficult to manage. If you are going on vacation or wish to swim underwater, we recommend having your extensions removed beforehand and then replaced afterward.


Will they look “fake”?

Every head of hair is different, and your extension specialist will customize your look to your taste and lifestyle. We can create over-the-top volume and length, or add a subtle enhancement for a natural look. It is important to bring photos of what you’re looking for and discuss your style with your extension specialist during your initial Consultation.

Are they high maintenance?

Not really. After a week or so of growing accustomed to the extensions, most clients find them easy to style and relatively low maintenance. The only thing that requires maintenance is staying on schedule with you extension Move-Up appointments.

Do they Hurt?

No. Tape-In extensions require no braiding and are generally much more comfortable than traditional extension techniques. You may experience some discomfort for the first few days as you get used to the weight of more hair on your head, but this discomfort is usually very temporary and manageable.

Will they damage my natural hair?

No, tape-in extensions will not damage your natural hair. It is important to treat your hair gently at all times, but you will want to invest in a good brush to keep you extensions healthy and tangle-free. We highly recommend the WetBrush for this task (you can pick one up at Spada!).

Do I need to use special styling products?

To keep you extensions healthy and intact, we recommend using products free of alcohol, parabens, oil, ethanol, and sulfates. We have several extension-worthy products available at Spada- just ask!


How do I schedule an appointment?

First, you will need to book an initial Consultation with an extension specialist. Consultations usually take 15-30 minutes. This is when you will discuss the style you’re looking for, how much length/volume you want, and will allow us to match your natural color to your new extensions. After the consultation we will book your appointment to have your extensions applied.

The application appointment can be scheduled for as soon as 3 days after the consultation. This appointment can take up to 3 hours since your extension specialist will have to map out and place your extensions for the first time. This is by far the longest appointment of the whole process!

Are they expensive?

The initial application of the new extensions is the most expensive part of the process. The total cost of the application of a new set is split 50/50 between your initial consultation (should you decide to move forward) and the application. The total cost may vary depending on how little/how much extension hair you will need, but most of our clients can expect a total cost of $750 for their first full application ($375 after the first consultation, $375 when the extensions are applied). Once your extensions are applied, it is much less expensive to have them moved up every 8-10 weeks. The cost to have them moved up is between $75-$125 depending on whether or not you would like a haircut at the same time.

Keep in mind that you will likely need to replace your extensions and book a new application appointment after 3-4 Move Up appointments!

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Have more questions? Give us a call at 513.574.4347 and ask to speak with an extension specialist!