5 Things You Need to Know about “Oil Spill” Hair

Lately our Instagram feed has been flooded with images of the “Oil Spill” hair color technique. This technique was created by Aura Friedman of Sally Hershberger, but is quickly taking off in other salons too. This look is decidedly different from the “rainbow” hair color trends of late; it is much more understated and actually works more effectively on darker hair. This is great news for our dark-haired friends who, until now, have had to stand by and watch blondes have all the rainbow-colored fun!

oil spill hair

Here’s a few things your should know about this trend before you take the plunge:

#1: Lightening is Usually the First Step.

Unless your hair is a medium cool brown shade naturally (and don’t have any color on your hair already), your stylist will probably need to lighten your hair a smidge. This will create a more dynamic color payoff. The lightening process can create some damage, but since hair doesn’t need to be totally blonde for this look damage should be minimal. We recommend Moroccan Oil and Moroccan Oil conditioning masks at home after your new color to keep it fresh, healthy, and shiny. You can even opt to add a deep conditioning treatment while you are here for your appointment.oil slick hair color

This version of the look started with much darker hair than above. This is the perfect option for clients who need a much more subtle look (i.e. the color is most prominent in direct sunlight).

#2: It is a Multi-Step Color Process.

Just like Grey Hair Color, Oil Spill Color requires multiple steps. These steps are different for everyone but can include: Lighten, Tone, Multiple Color application, and Gloss. This means that your appointment will take longer than a simple single-deposit permanent color. In other words, make your Oil Spill Color appointment on a day when you have some free time. If you book your appointment online, book it as a “Double Process Color” and add “Oil Spill Color” in your appointment notes! If you book over the phone, make sure you let the receptionist know that you want this look.

#3: It will be More Expensive than a Simple Color Application.

It is pretty obvious that this effect requires a very calculated application by a skilled professional, but its also important to know that this technique requires the use of many different products. These factors mean that this look will be more expensive than a typical color service, but if you love unique color it is definitely worth it!

#4: It will be High-Maintenance

Bright colors tend to fade more quickly than regular color, but fading can be tempered with the use of good products. If you want to try this look, it is absolutely imperative that you use professional shampoo and conditioner. We like TRI Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner!

Another point worth noting is color bleeding. Since this look is comprised of multiple colors, they will bleed into¬†one another when you wash your hair. This is a bit of a downer, but doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. The best way to mitigate this is to have your stylist add a clear gloss on top of your color once they finish. This will help seal in the colors, but won’t solve color bleed altogether.

#5: It will look different based on Lighting

These looks are often photographed outside on a sunny day, which brings out vibrancy. The colors used for the Oil Spill look will be much more subtle indoors. In our opinion, this makes the look much more dynamic and versatile!

If you would like to try this look, you can easy book an appointment with us online! Not sure what you want? Complimentary Consultations are always included in your appointment.


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