5 Things to Know Before You go Grey

Grey hair was one of the biggest trends of 2015, and it shows no signs of stopping in 2016! While grey hair is incredibly stylish, there are a few things you should know before you dive head-first into this trend:

#1: Your Hair Will Get Damaged

To get the perfect grey, the vast majority of clients must have their hair lightened then toned. This can leave hair feeling dry and slightly brittle, but is usually not a problem with the help of a few conditioning treatments (we recommend you pick up a Moroccan Oil Conditioning Treatment to use at home). If your hair is overly processed or damaged already, you will likely need several appointments to get the perfect grey, or be willing to lose some length. Our stylists are well-trained to know how much damage each clients’ hair can withstand to maintain its health, so they will tell you what to expect once they see your hair!

#2: It Will Be More Expensive than a typical All-Over Color

Since Grey requires lightening and toning, it is considered a Double Process Color. This is really important for scheduling purposes; a Double Process Color usually takes between 2-3+ hours, whereas a typical color takes 1.5-2 hours. You definitely want to give your stylist enough time to execute such a fierce look. In addition to taking longer, a Double Process Color requires more color and a skilled application. These factors (time, skill, product usage) make grey color on average more expensive than a typical color. If budget is of concern for you, its best to discuss that with your stylist during your consultation.

#3: You MUST be Honest about any Color/Relaxer/Other Chemicals you already have on your Hair

Especially if you have used at-home box color, perms, or relaxers! Mixing chemicals on your hair can be a recipe for disaster, so you need to be honest about what you have used on your hair. Most of the time stylists will be able to still execute the color you desire, but it will change their game plan. The last thing you want is beautiful grey color with melted ends, it is not a good look!

#4: Grey Requires Extra Maintenance

When hair is lightened, it becomes more porous (that’s how it takes the natural pigment out of your hair). This means that any pigments that are added on top of your lightened hair (i.e. toner to get grey) may fade more quickly than regular color. This means that while you won’t have to get the whole lighten/tone routine every time, you will need to make more frequent trips to the salon to keep your grey looking fabulous. It’s also a good idea to wash your hair every other day instead of every day!

#5: You Must Use Salon Professional Products to Maintain at Home

If you are using drugstore shampoo/conditioner, your color will fade. Period. We recommend using a sulfate free shampoo like one of the many we carry (TRI Shampoos and Conditioners are our current favorites). We also recommend using a color correcting mousse when your color starts to fade. We like Color Wow’s Brass Banned Mousse; it is lavender tinted, which combats brassiness. We also recommend using a shine product like TRI’s Aeroshine, it keeps your grey from looking dry and dull!

With all of these things in mind, grey hair is still one of the most regal and stylish statements you can make with your hair this year! If you would like to take the plunge, please give us a call or schedule your appointment online!


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